National Sikh Chaplaincy Day 5-18 November 2012

The Day of Prayer will take place in the week between 5th to 18th November 2012, when we will be asking representatives from the local Sikh Community to conduct a half an hour of Waheguru’s Simran or Chaupai Sahib’s Prayer followed by Ardaas at the local hospital. The prayer is for all those, of any faith, race, gender or creed and it is hoped that this national prayer will help to ease the suffering and speedy recovery of those in hospitals across the country. The Sikh faith has a long tradition of inter-faith work, and the UK Sikh Healthcare Chaplaincy Group wishes to co-ordinate the Day of Prayer so that we can help to support greater participation and recruitment of members of the Sikh faith as chaplain volunteers.

Please see the poster for further details.


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