Guidance on Sikh related patient care

UK SHCG provides guidance and helps chaplaincy departments with issues concerning the care of Sikh patients. We also publish and distribute a series of guides on how to care for Sikh patients both for Sikh and non-Sikh healthcare professionals.

Patient advocacy

UK SHCG provides patient advocacy where it is deemed that there is a conflict between healthcare practice and the care of the patient. We provide support and mediation to both parties to ensure that patient care is at the foremost of the solution we deliver.

Placing Sikh chaplains and supporting chaplaincy care

If you are a chaplaincy department who needs a Sikh chaplain, contact us and we will help find suitable candidates for your chaplaincy department. If you are a Sikh patient who needs a chaplain, we will also be able to provide you with contact details of someone local to you in your area.


Registered chaplains can take part in our training course on becoming a Sikh chaplain. We provide all our resources online and organise training days throughout the UK.


We maintain the register of Sikh healthcare chaplains. This is in line with the MFGHC recommendations.

Sikh chaplaincy prayer day

The UK SHCG organises a National prayer day on or around the birthday of Guru Nanak. This involves local communities going to hospitals and performing Ardaas for patient well-being. The events take place across the country and give an opportunity for chaplaincy departments and for the local Sikh community to get together.

Gutka Service

We provide free of charge Gutkas to hospitals and to chaplains. Please email us if you require these resources from us.

Improving chaplaincy provision in the Sikh community

UK SHCG works within the community to constantly look at ways at how we can produce better and stronger chaplaincy provision for Sikh patients.


Our publications and guidance pages provide downloadable pdf’s on key issues concerning the care of Sikh patients. We also provide a printed version of some guides.

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