Recently Published books to Healthcare Chaplaincy

Please see the recently published books in Chaplaincy from this link:  Recently published books relating to Healthcare Chaplaincy

Training Bulletin Extra 53 June 2016

Please see the attached Training Bulletin 53 from the link at Training Bulletin Extra 53 June 2016.

Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Report 2015

The National Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day report can be accessed from this link:  Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Report for 16 Nov-6 Dec 2015

Training Bulletin Extra 52 January 2016

Please access the Training Bulletin from the Hospital/Healthcare Chaplaincy Training & Development in London SW1P 3AZ from this link:  Training Bulletin Extra 52 Jan 2016

Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Poster 2015

Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Poster 2015 can be viewed by clicking on this link: Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Poster 2015


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