Timetable for Information & Training Days in 2013

Please see Sikh Chaplaincy Tmetable for Information and Training Days in 2013.  We intend to do the same in 2014 and will review our strategy in 2015.

National Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Report 5-18 November 2012

Please see attached the National Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day Report of 5-18 November 2012 -  Prayer_Report_5182012_pkk  

Books and publications about healthcare chaplaincy

See Mary Ingledew's e-mail on Books & Publications about healthcare chaplaincy . This link will open in new browser window

NELFT Mental Health Goodmayes, Ilford - Hour of Prayer

Please see article on page 3 of NELFT Mental Health Goodmayes Ilford Hour of Prayer Ardas.

Training Bulletin 48 - November 2012

Please see attached Training Bulletin 48 - November 2012.


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